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School Uniform

School Uniform Statement

Frederick Gent School believes that uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of the school and setting an appropriate tone. It is our policy that all students should wear school uniform when attending school, or when participating in a school organised event outside normal school hours. A complete list of compulsory school logo branded items, compulsory non-branded items and optional items of uniform is included within this statement.

 Aims and Objectives:

Our policy is based on the belief that a school uniform:

  • Promotes a sense of pride in the school;
  • Engenders a feeling of belonging and community;
  • Fosters a spirit of togetherness and unity is inspired;
  • Supports positive behaviour and discipline;
  • Is practical;
  • Identifies the students as part of the school;
  • Makes students feel equal in terms of appearance;
  • Represents good value for money with non-branded items being available from a number of high street outlets.


The Role of Parents:

We ask all parents who send their children to our school to support the school uniform policy.

Any family facing hardship or with a child eligible for Free School Meals, and for whom compulsory items of uniform would represent an unmanageable cost, are also invited to approach either the students Achievement Leader or Achievement Leader Support Assistant as the school may be able to assist with the purchase.



All Items of branded school uniform can be purchased from Mitchell Sports. The store is situated at the address below;

72 Mansfield Rd

DE55 2ER South Normanton

Derbyshire England

01773 510231

Non branded items of uniform can be purchased from high street suppliers, as long as they reflect the schools uniform policy and standards. I would remind parents that not all items, on the high street which is marketed as school uniform will comply with our school uniform policy which must be considered when purchasing any items.

ALL those in Years 7 to 11 must wear the school uniform, as listed below.

The school’s Senior Leadership Team will define what is deemed acceptable under all of the guidelines contained in the school uniform statement.

In the modern world of fashion, it is now ‘debatable’ as to what is defined as school uniform and what is not. For general guidance on what Frederick Gent School believes suitable uniform is, we have put together some basic guidelines to help (please see additional booklet).

School uniform at Frederick Gent School is not meant to be a vehicle for students to indulge in expensive fashion labels and brands, it is there to ensure a consistent approach to standards at Frederick Gent School for every student.

Any student who is wearing non-regulation uniform will be expected to comply with the dress code by ensuring appropriate uniform is worn.  Parents/carers will be contacted to inform them of any issues.  We hope that this is clear so that the wasted expense of purchasing inappropriate school uniform for the school year is avoided. Please don’t hesitate to contact the relevant Achievement Leader prior to purchasing any school uniform if you should require any further clarification.

General Clothing
BlazerBlackWith school logo (compulsory)Should be worn at all times whilst students are on site.
In times of very hot weather, students will be allowed to remove their blazer whilst on the school site. However, jumpers and cardigans must be removed as a first measure.
Whilst blazers are removed students must ensure that their blazer remains on their person whilst in school.
ShirtPlain WhiteTraditional shirt collar (short or long sleeved). No frills trims or patternsThis should be buttoned up to the neck and tucked in at all times. Where a student chooses to wear a vest underneath this must be plain white.
Jumper / CardiganBlackV-neck with school logo (optional)No other top is permitted under the blazer or instead of the blazer. Hoodies and body warmers are not permitted.
Tie Clip-on School Tie Compulsory To be worn at all times to and from school and while students are on site. This should be the standard school tie with no alterations.
SkirtBlackTailored, knee-length. Plain black, no pinstripes.
TrousersBlackTailored Plain black – not pinstriped or skinny fit. Non-stretch fabric – not jeans, combat trousers, tracksuit bottoms or other casual/fashion trousers. No visible zips allowed.
BeltBlackOptional.Functional, not fashion.
Tights Black / Flesh Coloured Not patterned. -
Footwear BlackShoes only, no black trainers.No colour on whatsoever with decorative buckles being discreet and not garish.
- Trainers (at social times only). Trainers may be brought into school and worn when engaged in physical activities, such as sports.
Winter Options (when directed by the Headteacher)
BootsBlack'Shoe' styleTo be worn under trousers.
No fashion boots such as Ugg style.
Outdoor Coat/Jacket-May be worn over blazersShould not contain any offensive or inappropriate messages or images.
No training tops, tracksuit tops, cardigans, hoodies, sweatshirts or body warmers
Hats, Scarves & Gloves Scarves may be worn but must be removed on entry to the building.
Summer Options (when directed by the Headteacher)
In times of very hot weather, students will be allowed to remove their blazer whilst on the school site. However, jumpers and cardigans must be removed as a first measure.
Accessories & Appearance
JewelleryJewellery is not suitable for school, both on the grounds of security and health and safety. The only jewellery permitted is one small pair of stud earrings (one in each lobe), one small ring and a watch. Only necklaces with religious significance may be worn and these should be tucked inside the shirt.
Facial piercings and stretchers/spacers are not allowed.
If a student wants to wear jewellery of religious significance they must have a signed note from their parents and the Assistant Headteacher.
Inappropriate jewellery will be confiscated and will be available for collection at the end of the school day. A refusal will result in a sanction for failing to follow school rules.
Make-up / Nails If make-up is noticeable then students will be asked to remove it or tone it down. Nails should be short and natural.
Hair Colour The school will only permit students to have 'natural' hair colours. This will be assessed by staff accordingly.
PE Kit. Compulsory Items
PE Kit All students are required to provide and wear the appropriate kit for PE and Dance. Compulsory Items PE Top/Polo Shirt Maroon With vertical black trim and school logo or maroon logo polo shirt. (Please note the long sleeved top is advisable for Rugby) Shorts Plain Black Loose fitting not cycling shorts Socks Plain Black Football type. Football Boots Grass studded boots Football boots are advised for football/rugby activities - class teachers will inform groups of their activities at the start of the year so Parents may wish to refrain from purchasing football boots until they know they are needed.
Training Shoes None Marking Trainers Trainers need to be none marking with good support for the foot. (If it is not possible to have separate outdoor/indoor trainers they may need cleaning between lessons Gum Shield* Compulsory for hockey and rugby These can be fitted by orthodontists or generic gum shields can be bought from all good sport retail stores. Shin Pads Compulsory for football, hockey and rugby Shin pads are a vital part of protective PE equipment for all students. Optional Items Black Leggings/jogging bottoms Black Black leggings or jogging bottoms are permitted. Base Layers Black Base layers with long sleeves/legs are permitted under compulsory PE Kit. Hooded Jumper Black Plain Black or With school logo. For use in cold weather. White trainer/ankle socks White White socks can be worn inside or during Summer months *Please be aware that for PE, in accordance with AfPE policies and procedures, the wearing of a gum guard is compulsory for playing hockey and rugby. Shin pads should be worn for competitive matches and it is recommended students wear them during lessons which involve game/match play. **No jewellery is to be worn in PE/Dance lessons