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 Y11 Prom Update May 2021

 Y11 Prom Update May 2021

Dear Parent/Carer

 Y11 Prom Update May 2021

I am writing to outline our plans for the Frederick Gent Year 11 Prom. We have been working very closely with the prom venue and considering the government strategy for relaxing COVID restrictions from Wednesday 21 June 2021. We are aware that these plans are dependent on continued falling infection rates, and because of this, our plans may be subject to late notice changes. As a result of this uncertainty we have made the difficult decision to cancel the prom this year at Makeney Hall.

As a school we desperately would like to celebrate the last 5 years of their education and the achievements of so many. We are therefore proposing an alternative ‘celebration event’ to be held at Frederick Gent School. This celebration event is currently scheduled to take place on Thursday 8th July 2021 but further information and updates will be communicated as we consider the student voice.

There will be a dress code for this event and we know that some students may want to purchase outfits for this event and would strongly advise that anything purchased in preparation for the event is able to be returned or refunded. We must advise that we take no responsibility for any purchased items that are not subsequently able to be used if restrictions are not lifted in time for the event to take place.

Students will be invited to the event at the school’s discretion and students will only be asked if they have good attendance, punctuality and attitude to learning over the remaining assessment weeks. The school will have the final decision on this. As this event would require a DJ and catering there will be a cost involved for it to take place. Again this will be communicated once the students have decided on their options for the ‘celebration event’.

You can appreciate the difficulties in organising an event with the COVID restrictions in place and so further updates for this event will be communicated in more detail after discussion with Y11 and The Two Counties Trust.

I also want to follow up on the letter that you have now received about the assessments taking place in school. Tutors will be giving you a courtesy call over the next few days and weeks to confirm that you are aware of the school assessment programme and to address any issues you may have, however if there are any issues that you would like to discuss prior to this contact from tutors then please get in touch using the contacts which were highlighted on the assessment letter.

I once again thank you for your continued support of myself, Frederick Gent School and the wider year 11 pastoral team over the last 5 years. I wish your son/daughter every success wherever their future takes them. Every student should be proud of how they have shown resilience and determination to succeed in what has been a challenging final year of their GCSE education. I would also like to thank parents and their families for their wider involvement in the school community as we strive to be outstanding, so that all students at Frederick Gent School have the skills and understanding to contribute and be involved in their community positively once they leave.

I am really looking forward to celebrating with the year group this one special ‘finale’, it will be a chance to wish them every happiness in their future. I am confident that the evening will be a night to remember and will celebrate the friendships, achievements and future success ahead of them.

Yours Sincerely

Mr A Wake

(Achievement Leader Year 11)

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