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Sally Bridges – Chair of Governors & Parent Governor

I was fortunate to be appointed as parent governor at Frederick Gents in 2018 shortly after my eldest daughter began in year 7. I have lived in South Normanton for 16 years and throughout this time have been involved in the community in various ways. 

I joined the governing body at a fairly turbulent time. Frederick Gents had not long become an academy, and the school was in the middle of a period of significant change.  I am very proud of the journey the school has taken so far, and am pleased to be able to play my part in this continuing process, by supporting the school community, and bringing forward the parent and community view when needed. 

I am link governor for careers and hold regular meetings with the careers lead in school. This is an area of particular interest to me, and one which I feel is very important to help raise the aspirations of our students, and assist them in achieving their dreams.

Frederick Gent has always been a friendly and welcoming place for me, one where both staff and students are courteous, polite and hard working. I feel great pride in the achievements I have seen over the last 18 months, and look forward to supporting the school to further grow and develop in the future. 


Tim Rosindell – Co-Opted Governor and Vice- Chair of Governors

I am proud to say I am one of the longest serving members of Frederick Gents current board of governors. I still do this because I find it very rewarding for many reasons.

I was inspired to become a governor having attended a parents meeting and saw the passion both teachers and governors had for the school .They were, as now, striving to do their very best for the children at the school. I wanted to be part of that and help where I could.

Being a governor is not rubber stamping school management decisions as some often think. It is contributing to the school direction, supporting leaders and other staff but also holding them to account where needed. It is a very fulfilling position to hold.


Chris Barrett – Staff Governor

I started my role as a staff governor during the 2019/20 academic year. I have worked at Frederick Gent School for the past 10 years following a time as a youth worker in the South Normanton area. I am proud to work at Frederick Gent School and love being a governor. I am passionate about continuing to help this school support its students, staff and the local community. 



Tamsie Bisceglia – Staff Governor

I was appointed staff governor in January 2020 and I have worked at Frederick Gent School now for five years as the Data and Information Manager and previously worked at Kirk Hallam School for seven years. 

I am a mum of two children, one who has just completed yr11 at Frederick Gent School. I moved back to South Normanton 15 years ago to be closer to family, and have never looked back. My children have blossomed and love being part of a community. Frederick Gent School has helped shape her my eldest into a young adult ready to go out into the big wide world. 

As a staff governor I am there to support the leadership team and the staff to make our school a great place for the students to learn and reach their true potential. I truly think that Frederick Gent School has improved dramatically and provides a wonderful experience for students. 


Louise Fox – Parent Governor

I have been a Parent Governor since 2019.  A lifelong resident of South Normanton, and a former pupil of Frederick Gent School myself, I have two children – one who has also attended the school and one a current pupil.  I am now happy to be able to support the school, staff and pupils in my role as Link Governor for GDPR.  I enjoy being part of the School’s Governing Body, and proud to work alongside such an experienced team.  I am keen to ensure that the school continues to raise standards, and for each child to be able to reach their full potential, and receive a good standard of education in a safe and enjoyable environment.



Jansen Bunker – Co-opted Governor

I have lived in the local area all my life and moved to South Normanton about 18 years ago. I have two children, one at Fredrick Gents and the other at the Glebe Junior School. I work for a large local engineering company and have held many positions from Design Engineer to Group leader. This profession has given me the skills to work as part of the governance team.

I joined the governing body about 2 years ago as a co-opted governor after undertaking similar roles at other schools. As a co-opted governor and a parent I hope to use my previous experience within the team to make a difference within the school for the children. 

Within my job I have a passion for science and engineering and look forward to working with the governing body and the senior leadership team to promote the schools links with engineering and the children’s interest in Science Technology Engineering Maths (STEM). As part of the co-opted role I have taken on the role of link governor for Health and Safety.

Freddie’s are fortunate to have a group of dedicated and committed governors and I enjoy working with them to make a difference for the children.

Fiona Folan – Co-Opted Governor

I have been a governor at FGS for about 18 months. I enjoy the work- the various meetings, and getting to know the staff and students of the school. 

I have worked in education most of my life, as a teacher and as a senior leader, so I flatter myself I can spot a good school when I see it. For me it is a great privilege to support such a committed group of people doing their absolute best for the children and the community. 


Abbie O’Brien – Co-Opted Governor

My name is Abbie O’Brien and I have been a Co-Opted Governor since December 2018.  

I have worked for local authorities for the last twenty years supporting children, young people and their families.  This experience has given me a good understanding of the strengths and challenges that young people face both in and out of education.  I have a particular interest in supporting and encouraging vulnerable students to achieve their potential.

Outside of work I enjoy musical theatre, running and spending time with my family.

Luisa Hopkinson – Co-Opted Governor

I have recently been co-opted as a Governor to FGS. I have lived in South Normanton for 6 years now and am now in a position to become more involved in the local community. I was inspired to be a Governor to offer fresh perspective for students who don’t find the school journey an easy one. I am a college tutor and teach young people who have struggled with school for many reasons, from behaviour to learning difficulties.

I hope to bring my experiences to help FGS move forward on its journey to be an Outstanding school and am committed to helping the Governors and teaching team achieve this goal.


Below is the list of governors including summary information and former members who did or did not complete the 4-year term of office, is available.

Frederick Gent School / Academy Governors - All Governors have voting rights with exception of any associate members detailed below.Appointing bodyStart and End Date Term of Office for all governor is 4 yearsAttendance 2020-21Business / Pecuniary InterestSubject / Link to Curriculum AreaCommittees
Mr Chris WoollardHeadteacherAppointed by the school’s governing body7 January 20194/7NoneHistoryFull Governors
Mrs Sally Bridges
Chair of Governors & Parent GovernorParent Election process, appointed by the school’s governing body28th September 2018- 27th September 20224/7Manor Farm Contractors LtdCareers Safer RecruitmentFull Governors
Mr Tim Rosindell
Co-Opted Governor & Vice ChairAppointed by the school’s governing body28th January 2020- 27th January 20244/74/7Full Governors
Mrs Fiona Folan
Co-opted GovernorAppointed by the school’s governing body19th December 2018- 18th December 20224/7NoneBehaviour SafeguardingFull Governors
Mr Jansen Bunker
Co-opted GovernorAppointed by the school’s governing body19th December 2018- 18th December 20222/7Governor at Glebe Junior SchoolHealth and SafetyFull Governors
Mrs Louise Fox
Parent GovernorParent Election process, appointed by the school’s governing body22nd March 2019- 21st March 20234/7NoneData Protection SENDFull Governors
Mrs Tamsie Bisceglia
Staff GovernorStaff Election process, appointed by the school’s governing body17th January 2020- 16th January 20244/7NoneWellbeingFull Governors
Mr Chris Barrett
Staff GovernorStaff Election process, appointed by the school’s governing body17th January 2020- 16th January 20244/7NoneWellbeingFull Governors
Luisa HopkinsonCo-Opted GovernorAppointed by the schools governing body26th November 2020 - 25th November 20241/4NoneBehaviour & AttendanceFull Governors
Mrs Abigail O’BrienCo-opted GovernorAppointed by the school’s governing body19th December 2018- 16th April 20213/7NoneFull Governors
Ms Sandra Fitton- WildeCo-opted Governor & Chair of GovernorsAppointed by the school’s governing body14th November 2016 – 24th September 20201/7Maths Safeguarding GDPR SEN Pupil PremiumFull Governors
Mrs Sarah HicklingCo-opted GovernorAppointed by the school’s governing body19th June 2017- 28th February 2020NoneFull Governors
Miss Charlene MarriottStaff GovernorStaff Election process, appointed by the school’s governing body26th September 2018-26th November 2019NoneScience TeacherFull Governors
Mr Craig SutcliffeStaff GovernorStaff Election process, appointed by the school’s governing body19th September 2018- 26th November 2019NoneMusic TeacherFull Governors
Full Governors CommitteeMeets every half term and includes all aspects of maintaining and progressing of governing body. Includes Strategy, Resources and Standards and Wellbeing throughout the year.1. Thursday 24th September 2020
2. Thursday 22nd October 2020
3. Thursday 26th November 2020
4. Thursday 28th January 2021
5. Thursday 18th March 2021
6. Thursday 13th May 2021
7. Thursday 17th June 2021