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PE and Dance

PE and Dance

Our PE and Dance curriculum at Frederick Gent School is based on the National Curriculum PE. Our intent is for students to enjoy PE/Physical Activity. To gain confidence to perform in a breadth of sports and activities resulting in life long physical activity. To develop students understanding of physical, social and emotional health whilst increasing skills, nurture talent and passion for Physical Activities.

We offer a broad range of activities in the curriculum including overcoming opponents (netball, basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, dodgeball, benchball and ultimate Frisbee), other competitive activities including accurate replication (athletics, trampolining), outdoor adventurous activities (team building, problem solving), Exploring and communicating ideas (dance) and health and fitness (yoga, fitness training, aerobics).

Students in Key Stage 3 receive two hours of quality PE each week, with all lessons having a focus of;

  • Physical Skills– to develop the fundamental and advanced skills to competently perform in a broad spectrum of sporting activities.
  • Personal skills – Developing interpersonal behaviours and resistance and understand how these are transferable skills. 
  • Theoretical skills– To improve effective performance outcomes and increase students understanding of physical activity.

Students in Key Stage 4 have the option to choose from;


Cambridge Nationals Sport Science

GCSE Dance

All Key Stage 4 students also receive one hour of quality PE each week. These lessons are options which offer traditional and alternative activities.

Year 7
Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
Y7 1Fundamental SkillsNetballFitnessTrampolineBadmintonRounders / Orienteering
Y7 2HandballNetballDanceFootballCricketRounders / Orinteering
Fundamental SkillsRugbyFitnessTrampoliningBadmintonAthletics
Y7 3Fundamental SkillsRugbyFootballTrampoliningCricketAthletics
HandballNetballDanceFitnessBadmintonRounders / Orinteering
Y7 5Fundamental SkillsNetballFitnessFootballCricketAthletics
HandballRugbyDanceTrampoliningBadmintonRounders / Orinteering
Y7 6Fundamental SkillsNetballDanceFitnessCricketRounders / Orinteering
Y7 7/PFundamental SkillsNetballDanceFootballCricketRounders / Orineteering
Year 8
Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
Group 3 & 4NetballHandballBasketballVolleyballTrampoliningAthletics / Orinteering
Group 3 & 4FitnessDanceFootballRugbyRoundersAthletics
Group 3 & 4HandballRugbyFitnessTrampoliningAthleticsCricket
Group 3 & 4FootballBasketballBadmintonTable TennisAthleticsTennis / Orinteering
Group 5FootballRugby (Tag)DanceTrampoliningCricketAthletics / Orinteering
Group 5NetballBasketballFitnessTable TennisTennisAthletics (Running)
Group 1 & 2NetballDanceVolleyballBasketballRoundersAthletics / Orinteering
Group 1 & 2FitnessHandballFootballTable TennisTrampoliningAthletics
Group 1 & 2HandballFitnessTable TennisTrampoliningAthleticsCricket
Group 1 & 2FootballRugbyBasketballBadmintonAthleticsTennis / Orinteering
Group 6NetballDanceFitnessTable TennisRoundersAthletics / Orinteering
Group 6FootballHandballVolleyballBasketballTrampoliningAthletics
Year 9 - 2 hours per week
Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
Group 1, 2 and 3FootballRugbyHandballBadmintonTrampoliningCricket
NetballBasketball / HandballBadmintonTrampoliningAthleticsRounders
U FrisbeeHandball / NetballFitnessTable TennisVolleyballAthletics
Group 4, 5 and 6FootballRugbyHandballBadmintonTrampoliningCricket
NetballBasketball / HandballBadmintonTrampoliningAthleticsRounders
U FrisbeeHandball / NetballFitnessTable TennisVolleyballAthletics
Year 10 - 1 hour per week
Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
Group 5, 6 and 7FootballRugbyHandballTrampoliningSoftball / BaseballRounders
BasketballBadmintonBenchballTable TennisCricketCricket
Group 1, 2,3 and 4FootballRugbyHandballTrampoliningSoftball / BaseballRounders
BasketballBadmintonVolleyballTable TennisCricketCricket
Year 11 - 1 hour week - Alternative/Traditional options
Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5
Group 4, 5 and 6NetballAerobicsAerobicsYogaRounders
Group 1, 2 and 3NetballAerobicsBenchballTrampoliningRounders
Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
Year 9 GCSE DanceTEMPS - Technical, Expressive, Mental, physical skills Practical performance skills A Linha Curva anthology through practical exploration Practical performance skillsChoreography introduction and stimulus box - Students creating own choreographyEmansipation of Expressionism Anthology Practical - explore the anthology creating class version.A Linha Curva Theory - critical appreciation of professional work Safe Working Practice /diet in dance
Year 9 PEApplied anatomy and Phsiology - Skeletal and Muscular system Practical - Netball/Basketball Applied anatomy and Phsiology - Movement analysis and CV/Resp systems Practical - Badminton/Handball Effects of Exercise on the body systems Recap/revision and exam technique Practical - TT/Trampolining Physical Training Components of fitness Fitness testing Practical - Trampolining Fitness tests · Principles of training · Training methods · Warm up and cool downs Practical - Training methods Preventing injury in physical activity and training Practical - Cricket
YEAR 10 GCSE DanceP - Shift and Scoop P - Choreography Process T -critical appreciation of professional work Emansipation of Expressionism P- Shift and Scoop P - Infra through practical exploration T - critical appreciation of professional work Infra p - Shift and Scoop p - Artifical Things through T - critical appreciation of professional work Artifical things P - Shift and Scoop P -Shadows practical T - critical appreciation of professional work Shadows P- Own choreography mock P - With in her eyes exploration T - critical appreciation of professional work With in her eyes P - Own choreography Mock T - critical appreciation of professional work A Linha Curva
Year 10 GCSE PEPaper 2 focus Engagement Patterns of different social groups, Commercialisation, Ethical and socio-cultural influences, Revision paper 1 Practical Netball/ Fitness testingPaper 2 - Ethical and socio-cultural influences, Revision paper 1. Practical - Handball/Fitness testing. Paper 2 - Mental preparation · Types of guidance · Types of feedback Practical - Trampolining/Training methods Paper 2 - Characteristics of a skilful movement · Classification of skills · Goal setting Practical - Trampolining/Basketball Paper 2 - Diet and nutrition · Health and fitness Practical - Badminton/Fitness GCSE Cousework - Start looking in to planning fitness programe. Practical - Cricket.
YEAR 10 CN Sport ScienceR041 - Understanding different factors which influence the risk of injury Practical - warm ups and leading to Y7sRevision of R041 topics (January 8th R041 exam)R042 - principles of training - training methodsRO42 - fitness tests - fitness training programmes R044 - Sport Physicology - relationship between personality and sports performance - motivation - aggressionR044 - Sport Physicology - of arousal and anxiety - apply sport psychology strategies

** Due to Covid-19 currently all students are currently doing fitness whilst working from home for Core PE.***


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