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Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

Year 7 - German
Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
IntroductionsSelf and OthersFree TimeSchoolHome and AreaExtra and Project Zone
IntroductionsTalking about family and pets – 3rd personTalking about sports and hobbiesTalking about school lifeTalking about my home and areaLinking all key skills together.
The AlphabetAdjectivesRegular and irregular verbsOpinions and reasonsAdjectivesRevision of topics and knowledge.
NumbersUsing pronounsOpinions and reasonsAdjectives
Asking questionsRegular verbsAdverbs of frequencyWord orderOpinions and reasons
PronunciationWord orderSequencers
Verbs haben and seinSubjunctive
Year 8 - French
Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
HolidaysFestivalsMedia and LeisureHome and AreaSports and HealthExtra and Project Zone
Talking about holidays and activities.Talking about what festivals you like dislike and what you do.Talking about TV programmes, films, actors, digital technology and leisure activitiesTalk about where you live and daily routineTalking about sports and healthLinking all key skills together.
verbs avoir and etreAdjectivesForming and answering questionsAdjectivesOpinions and reasonsRevision of topics and knowledge. 
perfect tense of visiterOpinions and reasonsOpinions and reasonsSequencersMaking comparisons
perfect tense of regular er verbsRole play skills24 hour clockAdverbs of frequencyUsing the imperative to give directions
Perfect tense of irregular verbsPartitive articles (du, de la, des)Using negativesUsing pouvoir + infinitiveRole play skills
NegativesUsing the near future tenseRole play skillsUsing devoir + infinitiveUsing 3 tenses
SequencersUsing reflexive verbs
Opinions and reasons
Year 9 - German
Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
SchoolFreetimeRelationshipsHome LifeIn the TownLinking topics and consolidation
Talking about school lifeTalking about leisure activities
  • Using nouns and articles

  • Adverbs of frequency

  • Expressing preferences

  • Using the conditional

  • Combining tenses
  • Talking about relationshipsTalking about your homeTalking about an areaLinking all key skills together.
    Past tense – perfect and imperfectAdjectivesAdjectivesUsing clausesRevision of topics and knowledge.
    Opinions and reasonsUsing separable verbs Using prepositionsUsing the comparative and superlativeExam skills
    Asking and answering questionsUsing modal verbs in the pastUsing reflexive verbsUsing imperatives
    Modal verbsWenn clauses Using separable verbsRole plays
    TensesOpinions and reasonsOpinions and reasons
    Using the comparative and superlativeUsing tenses Tenses
    Wenn clauses
    Modal verbs
    Year 9 - French
    Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
    RelationshipsFreetimeDaily LifeHome and AreaHome and AreaLinking Topics and Consolidation
    Talking about relationshipsTalking about sport, music, tv, film and technologyTalking about daily life and celebrationsTalking about where I live Talking about my areaLinking all key skills together.
    Irregular verbsOpinions and and reasonsUsing pouvoir and devoirAdjectivesAdjectivesRevision of topics and knowledge.
    Reflexive verbsAdverbs of frequencyUsing the pronoun enUsing the pronoun YUsing the pronoun YExam skills
    Perfect and imperfect tensesUsing depuis + the present tenseAsking questions with tu and vousUsing negatives Using negatives
    AdjectivesUsing the comparative and superlativeUsing venir +deForming questions Forming questions
    Opinions and reasonsUsing direct objective pronouns le, la, lesUsing tenses Opinions and reasonsOpinions and reasons
    Opinions and reasons Using tenses including the future tenseUsing tenses including the future tense
    Year 10 - German
    Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
    In the TownHome and AwayFuture plans and workThe world around meThe world around meLinking topics and consolidation
    Talking about an areaTalking about holidaysTalking about the world of work and future plansTalking about events and social issuesTalking about social issues and the environment Linking all key skills together.
    Using clausesUsing prepositionsMasculine and feminine nounsAdjectivesAdjectivesRevision of topics and knowledge.
    Using the comparative and superlativeOpinions and reasonsUsing intensifiersInternational festivals and eventsUsing comparative and superlative
    Using imperativesTenses including conditional and pluperfectUsing sequencers Numbers and datesDevelop awareness of the passive
    Role plays Infinitive constructions with zuOpinions and reasonsOpinions and reasonsModal verbs
    Opinions and reasonsAdvantages and disadvantages TensesAdverbs of frequency
    TensesUsing um … zu
    Year 10 - French
    Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
    HolidaysSchoolFuture Plans and WorkThe world around meThe world around meLinking topics
    Talking about holidaysTalking about school lifeTalking about the world of work and future plansTalking about world problemsTalking about social issuesLinking all key skills together.
    Using tenses including the conditional and pluperfectAdjectivesMasculine and feminine nounsTalking about the environmentTalking about volunteeringRevision of topics and knowledge.
    Role plays Opinions and reasonsUsing comparative and superlativeUsing modal verbs pouvoir and devoir in the conditionalDiscussing big events
    Using reflexive verbsUsing sequencersUnderstanding the subjunctiveUsing tensesGiving arguments for and against
    Using en+ deUsing intensifiersUsing direct objects in the perfect tenseOpinions and reasons
    Using avant + deComparison with French speaking countriesUsing verbs followed by a or de Using intensifiers
    Adjectives Using tenses and time framesOpinions and reasons
    Opinions and reasonsSchool rules using il faut and il est interdit deUsing tenses
    Using the imperative
    Year 11 - French or German
    Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5
    Speaking Skills Foundation and Higher levels Listening/ Reading/ Writing skills Foundation and Higher levels Revision programmeRevision programme Speaking Exam prep Examinations
    Theme 2Theme 1, 2, 3Theme 1, 2, 3Theme 1, 2, 3
    Role Play
    Photo Cards


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