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Year 9
Food SafetyFood, Nutrition and Healthy NutrientsFood ChoiceMini NEA Practice
Spoilage and Contamination MacronutrientsFactors affecting food choiceDeveloping skills required for NEA1 based on class and past NEA tasks.
Buying and StorageMicronutrientsBritish and international cuisinesDeveloping creative menus to meet a design brief
Preparation, cooking and servingNutritional needs and healthSensory evaluationWorking for time
Year 10
Food, Nutrition and Healthy NutrientsFood ScienceFood ProvenanceMock NEA 2Food Exam Revision
MacronutrientsCooking of food and heat transferEnvironmental impact and sustainability of foodDeveloping skills required for NEA2 based on class and past NEA tasks.Developing exam based knowledge, topics vary based on class and mock exam performance
MicronutrientsFunctional and chemical properties of foodFood processing and productionDeveloping creative menus to meet a design brief
Nutritional needs and healthWorking for time
Year 11
NEA 1 preparation and completionNEA 2 preparation and completionExam Revision
Practical scientific investigation into food preparation based on task set by the exam boardFood PreparationDeveloping exam based knowledge, topics vary based on class and mock exam performance
Design, making and evaluation of a design brief set by the exam board


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