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Design and Technology

Design and Technology

Year 7
Term 1Terms 2 & 3Term 4Terms 5 & 6
Great British Bake offLaser Engraved BoxRecipe BookCoat Hook
Well TechniqueK&SK&SK&S
Star Diagram Evaluation Healthy CookingPillar Drill
YeastLap JointsTraffic Light LabellingCold Forming
Stewing2D Design ContouringPastry DesignFret Saw
CostingLaser EngravingBakingPlaysam Designs
Food LabellingFixturesGrillingBiomimicry Design
Food safetySurface FinishVegetarian FoodGraphic Finish
Rubbing inMarking outSeasoningDesign and Specification Writing
Method writingHealth and SafetyEat Well PlateMood Boards
Knife safetyPRIME Design Process
Product evaluation
Year 8
Term 1Terms 2 & 3Term 4Terms 5 & 6
Come Dine with MeAroma FanInternational FoodMechanical Toy
Menu planning
Lap and Comb JointsEmulsification
Calorie CountingACCESSFM EvaluationReductionLife Cycle Analysis
Time PlanningSpecification WritingStarch Based SauceMechanism Design
ACCESSFM EvaluationProduct EvaluationCostingDeveloping a Design Brief
PresentationRisk AssessmentFood IdentifyComb Joints
BlendingFlowchart PlanningMethod WritingMaking Out
Knife SkillsPPEProduct CompassionManufacture Planning
Introduction to ElectronicsFinal Product Evaluation
Marking Out
Year 9
Terms 1 & 2Terms 3 & 4Terms 5 & 6
Design Theme Clock MP3 Docking StationExam paper based questions and practical (Section 1)
Design Company InvestigationsAdvanced Electronics and PCB'sDeveloping core knowledge across
• Textiles
• Electronics
• Timber
• Metal
• Paper and Board
Electronic and PCB'sLaser cutting design and applicationDesign Theory
Hand and machine tool sawing, jointing and drillingIterative design processGraphics and Drawing
Graphic applicationMarketing research (Push/Pull)
Laser engraving and cuttingLife Cycle Analysis
Product evaluationProduct Evaluation and Evolution
Manufacture planning
Year 10
Terms 1 & 2Terms 3 & 4Terms 5 & 6
Exam paper based questions and practical (Section 2)Mock NEANEA section and research
Developing specialist in timber
Iterative design process
Completion of task set by exam board
Machines and ProcessesPerspective and Isometric DrawingIterative Design Process
Jointing and FixingDeveloping Design Ideas (SCAMPER)Perspective and Isometric Drawing
Materials and KnowledgeModelling, Prototyping and TestingDeveloping Design Ideas (SCAMPER)
Practical Application of Exam QuestionsLife Cycle AnalysisModelling, Prototyping and Testing
Product Evaluation
Manufacture Planning and Realisation
Year 11
Terms 1, 2 and 3Terms 4, 5 and 6
NEA design, testing, manufacture and evaluationExam paper based questions and practical research
Completion of task set by exam boardDeveloping core and specialist exam based knowledge, topics vary based on class and mock exam performance
Modelling, Prototyping and Testing
Life Cycle Analysis
Product Evaluation
Manufacture planning and realisation


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