Active Members

Name Role(s) Start Date Committee(s)

Mr Chris Woollard

Head of School  7 January 2019

All Committees

Mr Dick Vasey Executive Headteacher 7 January 2019 All Committees
Mr Ashley Beeden Parent Governor 27 April 2015 Standards & Wellbeing - Chair
Mr Tim Rosindell Parent Governor & Vice Chair 23 November 2015 Standards & Wellbeing
Mr Richard Smith Co-opted Governor 16 November 2015
Resource Management - Chair
Ms Sandra Fitton-Wilde Co-opted Governor & Chair of Governors 14 November 2016
Standards & Wellbeing
Mrs Sarah Hickling Co-opted Governor 19 June 2017
Standards & Wellbeing
Resource Management
Miss Charlene Marriott Staff Governor 26 September 2018 All Committees
Mr Craig Sutcliffe Staff Governor 19 September 2018

All Committees

Mrs Sally Bridges Parent Governor 28 September 2018 Resources & Standards
Mrs Abigail O'Brien Co-opted Governor 19 December 2018 Full Governors
Mrs Fiona Folan Co-opted Governor 19 December 2018 All Committees
Mr Jansen Bunker Co-opted Governor 19 December 2018 Resources
Mrs Louise Fox Parent Governor 22 March 2019 Full Governors

The Governing Body Action Plan is available

A full list of school governors, including summary information and former members who did or did not complete the 4-year term of office, is available.

Governing Body Newsletter Autumn 2018

Governing Body Newsletter Spring 2019



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