Physical Education (PE)


We offer a broad range of physical activities in PE whilst developing the physical and personal skills and developing theoretical knowledge.


During the school year, the following curriculum activities will take place.

    1 2 3 4 5 6
Year 8   Sept-Oct Oct - Dec Jan- Feb Feb-April April-May June-July
Mon P4 3+4 Girls netball handball trampolining basketball Rounders Atheltics
Mon P4 3+4 Boys Handball Rugby volleyball trampolining athletics cricket
Wed P5 3 +4 Girls Fitness Dance volleyball badminton Cricket Atheltics
Wed P5 3 +4 Boys football basketball fitness table tennis athletics Tennis
Wed P5 5 mixed Football Rugby Table Tennis trampolining Cricket Atheltics
Tues P4 5 Mixed netball basketball fitness football Tennis Atheltics (Running)
Tues P4 1+2 Girls netball dance volleyball basketball Rounders Atheltics
Tues P4 1+2 Boys Handball fitness Table Tennis trampolining athletics cricket
Wed P2 1+2 Girls fitness handball trampolining badminton Cricket Atheltics
Wed P2 1+2 Boys football Rugby Basketball table tennis athletics Tennis
Mon P5 6 mixed netball dance fitness table tennis Tennis Atheltics
Fri P5 6 Mixed football handball trampolining basketball Cricket Atheltics
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