Mathematics - Year 11

Year 11 students continue and complete the OCR J560 GCSE Maths course, progress and understanding acquired in Y10 is also taken into consideration.   The GCSE course is broken down into a series of modules that increase in difficulty; Initial, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum for the Foundation tier.

During Y11 students will additionally embark on a revision programme to ensure that they are fully prepared for the GCSE examinations.

In January of Y11, a final decision will be made as to which tier of entry a student will be entered for, the Foundation tier covers grades 1 to 5 and the Higher tier covers grades 4 to 9.

The GCSE examination comprises of three 1hour 30minute examinations of which one with taken without a calculator.

Y9 Y10 Y11
KS4 curriculum OCR J560 Syllabus
Foundation Initial Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Higher Initial Bronze Silver Gold


Further to the GCSE Mathematics course, students will (on an individual basis) be entered for the AQA GCSE Statistics examination. Statistics is taught alongside and in conjunction with the GCSE maths curriculum.

As sample of topics covered is identified below.

Foundation Silver/Higher Initial Foundation Gold/Higher Bronze
1. Using a calculator 1. Enlargement
2. Brackets and factors 2. Percentages 2
3. Translations 3. Probability 2
4. Probability 4. Linear graphs
5. Drawing triangles 5. Angles in polygons
6. Fractions 6. Real life graphs
7. Views 7. Checking solutions to calculations
8. Expressions and formulae 8. Scatter diagrams
9. Percentages 1 9. Pythagoras’ Theorem
10. Area and perimeter 10. Quadratic graphs
11. Surveys and two way tables 11. Mean from a grouped frequency table
12. Equations 12. Inequalities
13. Angles on parallel lines 13. Compound measures
14. Circles 14. Reciprocals, factors and multiples
15. Decimals 15. Rearranging formula
16. Rotations 16. Loci
17. Linear graphs 17. Decimals 2
18. Ratio and proportion 18. Accuracy
19. Working with data 19. Indices
20. Transformations 20. Sequences
  21. Prisms and units
22. Fractions
23. Transformations 2








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